Best moments in life

Founded by designer Kerstin Krause, years of international experience in both womens and childrens apparel are the starting point of the brand. A simple philosophy drives us: let families enjoy the best moments in life in beautifully designed, high-quality garments.

Born with a deep appreciation for trusted European craftsmanship,

Kerstin sources notable cloth mills for exquisite textiles, taking her to countries with a strong heritage in producing the finest fabrics with the newest technologies from Switzerland, Italy, Germany to France! Manufacturing is focused in Italy and Germany since we believe the quality of these workshops are synonymous with our brand.


I've always loved creating carefully designed garments, crafted by experienced hands using high-end fabrics. I knew this could apply to childrenswear.


– Kerstin Krause



The KrixKrox Collection features clothing for celebrations, as well as pieces for the every day. The fabrics, often specially made for individual garments, are durable and easy to wear. Patterns are bright, colourful, and fun - the three main ingredients that make children love the clothes they wear. 

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